Essentials Oils, Natures Precious Gift

Essential Oils: Nature's Precious Gift Have you ever wondered what is the reason of perfume in flowers and other plant parts? They are the essential oils. But in addition to the aromatic part, the essential oils also contain plant hormones and some other compounds. The essential oils are highly effective at very low concentrations. They have considerable effects on plants, animals as well as insects. The main reason of this is that the essential oils are very ancient compounds that were produced by the very ancient plants and have been produced ever since. The animals existed with the plants from the beginning. This long term of co-existence has caused them to respond to these essential oils in some way or the other.

The essential oils are extracted today by expression, steam distillation or solvent extraction. The last process of essential oil extraction however kills some of their therapeutic and other values. This renders them less effective. These solvent extracted essential oils are available in the market at a low cost. However, they are less effective and therefore less advisable. In the distillation process of extraction, water and steam are used to remove the oils out of fresh or dried plants. Solvent extraction uses the use of a solvent like alcohol to extract the essential oils.

Essential oils have been mentioned in the very ancient literature. These oils were used in the days long back in the Egyptian civilization. They were also being used in the ancient India, Rome, etc. The essential oils were generally used as a source of perfume in the ancient days. The Egyptians had big machines for extracting the Essential oils. As they were used in various other purposes and were dear to afford, the essential oils were also called as ‘Precious oils' in the ancient days. Their use in religious rituals also assigned them the name of ‘sacred oils'. However, the essential oils name exists now.

The therapeutic value of essential oils is admirable. In the contemporary period, they have been used first by a French Chemist in treatment. This kind of treatment was coined the term ‘aromatherapy'. The aromatherapy is used even today, since most of the essential oils effect in a much pleasant way on human health. Being natural, they don't generally cause a side effect. However, some may have adverse effects.

The essential oils can help in the cure of anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory problems, headaches, insomnia, etc. They sometimes show an unbelievably fast action. This is because they can easily enter through the skin and even through the cell membranes into the cells. One of the most important uses of some essential oils is that they improve the body immunity. To know more about essential oils, please visit us directly. Published by Global Crude Oil Facilitators.